Friday, August 1, 2008

Courage? Really?

If you have not already watched the HBO series, "Tell Me You Love Me," then go directly to Netflix, do not pass go, and rent season 1. Sadly, season 1 is the only season that can be rented. Spoiler: there will be no season 2. Do not let this ruin the experience of season 1 for you. So go now to Netflix and rent this show. You will be the wiser for having seen it.

During the last episode of the season, and the series, there is a poignant dedication made by the therapist. She dedicates her newly published book, "To the men and women who have the courage to be happy."


It takes courage to be happy? This is a somewhat surprising thought, that happiness requires courage... really, what does happiness have to do with courage?

I guess I have never stopped to think about what happiness requires. Odd that I have never really thought about this before.

This is something I am genuinely curious about.

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Holly said...

I am excited to have somewhere to read your musings, wish I'd found it sooner.